Are we old fashioned or is it just good old-fashioned common sense?
22September 2020

At Equifinance, we value our ability to engage common sense when assessing a client profile. Some may call us old fashioned, but nothing beats manual underwriting of a case to really understand a client’s position. We consider ourselves lucky we have the luxury to do so, as it really is one of our biggest USPs. 

Manual underwriting allows us to use our experience and judgement to reach a decision to lend or not. We have had so many cases put to us with customers in a huge variety of different scenarios but each one is different, and every case is assessed on its own merit. 

We, of course, have our criteria and plans we work to, but we also ask for explanations so we can get a really clear view of client circumstances. If in doubt, ask questions! This is so true for a variety of reasons; Why did adverse credit occur? Employment situations? Additional income? Expenditure? Later life plans? Asking and investigating really allows the underwriter a much more three-dimensional view of the client rather than just a paper credit file which does not always reflect the true story. 

If our manual underwriting methods are old fashioned, then we take that as a compliment! We are happy to take the time to understand a case and apply our common sense.  It is a win-win outcome for us, the broker and more importantly, the customer.

If you have a case you want us to cast our eye over; please do not hesitate to get in touch with our BDM team:

Laura (Midlands and North) 
07522 359 084

Richard Croll (Wales and South)
07543 221 419 

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