Top Ten Packaging Tips
20October 2020

Meet Hannah, our roving Underwriter who takes us through her top ten tips for packagers….

  1. Always use the packager checklist; this is a fantastic tool to be used when packaging a case up. If you have put a tick or cross in each box you cannot go far wrong!
  2. Check the credit search against the I&E. Make sure you have counted all credit and included any repayments, otherwise this can drastically affect the I&E.
  3. Ask the clients for explanations. We are trying to build up an idea of the client’s profile and circumstances, the more explanations on previous adverse or recent credit being taken out really helps us.
  4. Complete the disbursement form accurately – this is the one thing that always holds up funding, ensure the clients have completed the form with the creditors account details to help the case go to funding smoothly. 
  5. Ensure the system is up to date, with all of the application information i.e. valuation, employment details, direct debit details, disbursement details – this saves time when it comes to underwriting your case.
  6. Send in all documents on day 1 – if it is part packaged, advise what item is missing on submission so we are aware in good time.
  7. If your case has been previously agreed on referral, it is useful if you include the referral email in your submitted pack.
  8. All updates should be done via the EQ system rather than sent in via email, this makes the whole process so much more efficient.
  9. Utilise your BDM – your BDM is knowledgeable in many aspects of the UW criteria and process and can be used for most questions and queries.
  10. Check the I&E page, then check it again, then check it one last time! Accuracy is key!  

“Many of our brokers have a variety of lenders they package for, all of which have their own different systems and processes so it must be so hard to remember each lender’s packaging requirements. I consider our packaging guidelines to be straight forward, however I must say there is nothing better than taking a case from submission straight to speaks!  A case with no updates is one of the best feelings ever!’

– Hannah Messham

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